Neochilenia Backeberg (1942)

(Pyrrhocactus, Thelocephala)
(Greek neo = new; chilenia = origin Chile)
named after its origin, this genus grow only in Chile
in difference to Neoporteria are at Neochilenia the petals complete open and
outwards directed and whiteish, yellowish or reddish tinted

small cactus, globular, later elongated, partly with turnip root; ribs straight, bumpy or seperated in tubercles
spines very different; flowers funnel-shaped, wide opened, wooly and hairy
fruits bacciform, hollow, opens at the base or tearing off; few seed

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central to northern Chile
in the moutains and high mountains

Growth period

they grow well at a careful care and are recommanded for expert cacti grower
flowering time is usually in spring or early summer on the northern hemisphere
a sunny and airy location is very conductive for a well groth, however heat without ventilation is to avoid
the plants are less sensitive to water and should watering normal during the growth period
species of the genus have not special requirements and are recommandable
even in half-shade they grow and flower still willing
species of the former genus Thelocephala, to recognize on the large turnip roots are in opposite especially
sensitive to moisture and should respective get less water

Winter period

light, dry and airy at 46–50°F (8–10°C)
hardy plants tolerate occasional also lower temperatures at about 37°F (3°C)


very permeable to water, minerally, sandy-loamy
with addition of crushed bricks, lava, quartz gravel, expanded slate and pumice is recommanded
Neochilenia aerocarpa (F. Ritter) Backeberg (1959)
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Atacama - Province Huasco, Dept. Freirina
near to the coast


hollow (air) seedpod Neochilenia
later elongated, brownish
ribs very flat, complete separated into tubercles
areoles longish, young floccose, white wooly
ca. 10 radial spines, pectinate arranged, thickened at the base,

brownish horn colored, tips darker
0–2 central spines, double long than radial spines, blackish,
one of it upward directed and one of it downward directed
flowers 1.2–2 in (3–5 cm) long and Ø, light carmine, flower tube and ovary very wooly,
with brown bristles


Chileorebutia aerocarpa F. Ritter (1959) (incorrect name)
Neochilenia aerocarpa
(F. Ritter) Backeberg (1959) (nom. inval.)
Neoporteria reichei fa. aerocarpa (F. Ritter) Donald & G. D. Rowley (1966)
Thelocephala aerocarpa (F. Ritter) F. Ritter (1980)
Neoporteria napina var. aerocarpa (F. Ritter) A. E. Hoffmann (1989)
Neoporteria reichei var. aerocarpa (F. Ritter) Ferryman (1991)
Eriosyce aerocarpa (F. Ritter) Kattermann (1994)
Eriosyce napina ssp. aerocarpa (F. Ritter) Ferryman (2003)


Appendix II
Description of "Kakteen von A bis Z" by Walter Haage with courtesy by Kakteen-Haage made available.