Glandulicactus Backeberg (1938)

gland cactus, because of its glands
globular; ribs strong tubercled, on the topside of the tubercles near the areoles are glands;
areoles longish; ca. 10 spines, the central spine very long, colored, hooked;
flowers short, purple, partly brighter, fruits to 1 in (2.5 cm) long, ovate;
seeds bended, black

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central Mexico and USA - southern Texas
warm arid areas

Growth period

full sun exposure, very hot location
very bright, in spring is some shading recommendable, protection against possibly sun burnings
The plants of this genus are somewhat sensitive to too much moisture!
Watering only after the soil is complete dried.

Winter period

bright and dry at a minimum of 39°F (4°C)


minerally and very permeable to water, porous
addition of expanded slate and quartz gravel is recommended
Glandulicactus wrightii (Engelmann) D. J. Ferguson (1991)
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Habitat - Big Bend Ranch State Park,
Presido County, Texas, USA
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western Texas
Sonora, Chihuahua, San Luis Potosi
in 2500–4500 ft (760–1370 m) altitude


longish, to 7.9 in (20 cm) high
ribs ca. 13, tubercled
areoles large, flat, yellow with a ring of yellow hairs
glands large, flat
7–8 radial spines, 1–2 in (2.5–5 cm) long, the upper ones flattened, straw yellow, the lower ones round, hooked, red

1 central spine, to 5.9 in (15 cm) long, strong, flattened, hooked
flowers to 1.4 in (3.5 cm) long, dark purple, opens only half
fruits ovate

Flowering time

May in cultivation
5–6 years from seed


Echinocactus uncinatus var. wrightii Engelmann (1856)
Echinocactus wrightii
(Engelmann) Ruempler (1885)
Hamatocactus wrighii (Engelmann) Orcutt (1926)
Echinomastus uncinatus var. wrightii (Engelmann) F. M. Knuth (1936)
Thelocactus uncinatus
var. wrightii (Engelmann) W. T. Marshall (1942) (nom. inval., Art. 33.3?)
Glandulicactus uncinatus var. wrightii (Engelmann) Backeberg (1961)
Ancistrocactus uncinatus var. wrightii (Engelmann) L. D. Benson (1969)
Ferocactus uncinatus
var. wrightii (Engelmann) N. P. Taylor (1979)
Hamatocactus uncinatus var. wrighii (Engelmann) Bravo (1980)
Sclerocactus uncinatus var. wrightii (Engelmann) N. P Taylor (1987)
Pediocactus uncinatus
var. wrightii (Engelmann) Halda (1998)
Sclerocactus uncinatus
ssp. wrightii (Engelmann) N. P. Taylor (1998)
Ancistrocactus uncinatus ssp. wrightii (Engelmann) Doweld (2001)
Glandulicactus uncinatus ssp. wrightii (Engelmann) U. Guzmán (2003)
CITES Appendix II
Description of "Kakteen von A bis Z" by Walter Haage with courtesy by Kakteen-Haage made available.
Pictures 4 to 6 with courtesy by © John Durham, Tucson, Arizona made available.
Pictures 7 and 8 with courtesy by © Rob Romero, Tucson, Arizona made available.