Eriocactus Backeberg (1942)

(Greek "erion" = wool; Greek "kaktos" = thistle, cactus)
wool cactus, bristle cactus
differences to Notocactus is the stigma, it is never in red,
the wooly apex and the smaller brown seeds

bulky columnar, apex oblique, wooly; flowers broad funnel form, flower tube short, brown wooly
fruits globular, dry, opens at the base
seeds small and brown

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south Brazil, Paraguay
mountains and high mountains

Growth period

sunny and a location outdoors is possible, hardly sensitive to moisture
in summer a constant slightly moisture

Winter period

dry, bright and a airy location at a minimum 50–59°F (10–15°C)
at to low temperatures get the plants blackish spots, or they die
in spring the plants slowly acclimate to the sun


nutritious, humos, very permeable to water
addition of coarse sand, gravel and peat
Eriocactus leninghausii (K. Schumann) C. Backeberg (1942)
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Rio Grande do Sul - on steep rock walls and in moist canyons


named after Federico Lenninghaus
initially roundish to broad globular, in age columnar, to about 3.3 ft (1 m) high, 3.9 in (10 cm) Ø,
strongly branching at the base and forming clusters, apex bristly and wooly,
in ageing the apex become more and more oblique
ribs about 30, flattened

areoles initially white
to 15 radial spines, bristly thin, yellow
3–4 central spines, to 1.6 in (4 cm) long, bristly, easily breaking, usually golden-yellow, sometimes brighter
flowers 1.6 in (4 cm) long, 2 in (5 cm) Ø, flat above the apex, yellow, sepals greenish

Flowering time

July–August in cultivation
6–8 years from seed


Pilocereus leninghausii K. Schumann (1895)
Malacocarpus leninghausii
(K. Schumann) Britton & Rose (1922) (incorrect name)
Notocactus leninghausii (K. Schumann) A. Berger (1929)
Eriocephala leninghausii (K. Schumann) W. Heinrich (1940)
Parodia leninghausii (K. Schumann) F. H. Brandt (1982)
CITES Appendix II
Description of "Kakteen von A bis Z" by Walter Haage with courtesy by Kakteen-Haage made available.