Cleistocactus Lemaire (1861)

(Greek "kleistos" = closed; latin "cactus" = cactus)
closed flowered cactus, becaus of "closed" tubular flowers

slim shoot shrub, basal or side branches; ribs numerous
bristles thin, sometimes like hair, dense or loose, single longer,
upward or downward, humid = soft and flexible, dry = but easily breaking off
flowers cylindrical, red, orange, yellow, white, red with green, orange with red
hem opening weak, sometimes angular, tube bent at the ovary,
without bristles, some species very rich flowering
fruits globular, scaly, without bristles; seeds small

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south America - Peru, Bolivia, Argentinia, Paraguay, Uruguay
from 500 m (1640 ft) in Paraguay and Uruguay to over 3000 m (9843 ft) altitude in Bolivia
savannas, mountains and sparse forests

Growth period

light and warm, ample humidity, a location outdoor during the growth period is possible
in spring and summer is mist at evening very good
adequate soil moisture and never for a long time quite dry
dense spined species have a mid summer break, from about July to August, never pour at this time
main growth period in fall to December, less in spring from April to May

Winter period

light and never completely dry at 10–15°C (50–59°F)


nutritious and well-drained, with humus
Cleistocactus horstii P. J. Braun (1982)
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Field number

HU373 - collected by L. Horst & W. Uebelmann (1974)


Mato Grosso do Sul, Porto Murtinho, Rio Amoguija
in 100–200 m (328–656 ft) altitude


named after Leopold Horst
columnar, 2,5 cm (1 in) Ø, deep green
ribs 16
11–15 radial spines, to 1,5 cm (0.6 in) long, yellowish to dark brown, bright tipped
1 central spine to 2,5 cm (1 in) long
flowers 5–7 cm (1.9–2.7 in) long, bent, strong oblique hem, orange
fruits red, fruit flesh white


Cleistocactus baumannii ssp. horstii (P. J. Braun) N. P. Taylor (1998)
CITES Appendix II
Description of "Kakteen von A bis Z" by Walter Haage with courtesy by Kakteen-Haage made available.