Aztekium Boedeker (1929)

because of the folded ribs it remember at runes of the Aztec
small, roundish, sometimes clumping, gray
ribs and secundary ribs dense folded, few spines, bent
flowers small, trumpet shaped, white to pink

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Mexico - Nuevo León
warm arid areas

Growth period

full sun and warm location
with a taproot, sensitive against moisture,
sparse watering and keep the root neck dry
because of the slow growth is grafting a good alternate
it is not a genus for beginners!
cultivation is not easy, it are better for expert collectors

Winter period

light and absolut dry at 5–10°C (41–50°F)


gravelly, pure mineral and very permeable for water
Aztekium hintonii Glass & Fritz Maurice (1992)
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central and southern Nuevo León
on limestone


named after George S. Hinton
simple, globular to short columnar, dull gray-green, to 10 cm (3.9 in) Ø
10–15 ribs, very sharp-edged and clearly 0.6–1.2 cm (0.2–0.4 in) high,
0.3–0.4 cm (0.12–0.15 in) broad, at the age broader, with numerous, very fine,
crosswise are tiny ribs on the flank

3 spines, strong curved, to 1.3 cm (0.5 in) long
flowers magenta, 1–3 cm (0.4–1.2 in) Ø


Aztekium hintoniihas not yet been proposed for listing Appendix I of CITES
even though it has been severely affected by illegal collecting.


CITES Appendix II
Pictures from the plants inventory, of Kakteen-Haage, Germany with courtesy to use for release made available.