Astrophytum Lemaire (1839)

(Greek "astron" = star, "phyton" = plant)
Starfish plant, because of the shape of the plant body
flat, spherical or columnar, with tiny, differently arranged,
white flakes for receiving and keeping of humidity

ribs 4–9, strong spines in A. ornatum, bristles at the capricorne-group,
otherwise spineless, yellow or yellow flowers with red throat; hat-shaped seeds, light or dark brown

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USA - Texas
Mexico - Tamaulipas, Nuevo León, Coahuila, Hidalgo, Querétaro
very warm regions

Growth period

very warm location, white and thick with thorns species appearing very bright and full sun
the little green light appears, half shade
little watering, since this species is very sensitive to moisture, the substrate should
can dry out in between and over again

Winter period

bright and dry at 6–10°C (43 to 50°F)


mineral with higher content of clay, crushed pumice, crushed lava and perlite
Astrophytum asterias (Karwinsky ex Zuccarini) Lemaire (1868)
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Texas - Rio Grande-valley, Rio Grande City in 150–200 m (492–656 ft) altitude
Nuevo León - Barretillas, near Linares
Tamaulipas - at Guerrero in the Rio Grande-valley, among Llera and Las Gomas to Soto la Marina in 200 m (656 ft) altitude


Sea urchin-Astrophytum, Starfish-Astrophytum
remarkably flat, up to 10 cm (4 in) Ø, green - gray-green,
flakes scattered over the body, even in curved rows around the areolae
usually ribbed 8, flat
areoles on the mid rib, some pretty thick

tiny spines only on young seedlings, sometimes descending
flowers 3 cm (1.2 in) long, up to 6,5 cm (2.56 in) broad, appear in the recent areoles, yellow with red center
fruit fleshy, gray-red, hat-shaped seeds, dark brown


Echinocactus asterias Karwinsky ex Zuccarini (1845)


Appendix II since 01.07.1975; Appendix I since 22.10.1987
Description of "Kakteen von A bis Z" by Walter Haage with courtesy by Kakteen-Haage made available.